I wake up peacefully the light streaming in through the slit between the curtains. I get up rubbing my eyes.

I walk out to the kitchen making all the stuff arrange itself on the table. A bowl of cerial, a glass of apple juice and a slice of toast.

I sigh and sit down. I grab my spoon and shove some cerial into my mouth. A bang sounds at the door.

"Oh curse it" Capricorn shouts. I drop my spoon in to the bowl and walk to the window. I flick my hand and all the curtain's open lighting the room beautifully.

Capricorn spots it and walks up a new deamon following in his footsteps. He stops a meter from the window.

"Well, Morning. Want to take a walk?" Capricorn says smiling.

"I'm fine in here thanks" I mutter glaring. The deamon fidgets behind him and I watch Capricorn turn in one swift movement bringing his hand down across the deamons face.

"What's happening?" I turn to see Torren come out of his room his hair all ruffled from sleep and I don't know why but my heart leaps.

"Ahh, who is this?" Capricorn says studdying Torren.

"Torren, he already know who you are" I hiss.

"Ahh, thats so considerate of you" Capricorn says sarcastically.

"Uh" I turn flicking my hand bringing the curtain across.

"Again" I hear him shout at the deamon. It squels scared and runs at the door again pinging harmlessly of the shield.

"He's being an idiot" I mutter heading for the kitchen. "What you want for breakfast?"

Torren walks over hestantly. "You can have anything?" I tell him leaning back against the surface.

"Um, beans on toast" he mutters.

"Okay" I bring a can to my head two pieces of toast flying to the toaster which Torren ducks to avoid.

He sits down at the table. "What you want to drink?" I ask.

"Um, Orange"

I flick my hand and a cup comes out with the carton of fresh orange from the fridge. The carton pours into the cup then returns to the fridge.

"You do this everyday don't you" he mutters.

"Use magic for boring tasks?" I ask over my shoulder, he nods. "Of course, it's easier that way and its not like I don't get exercise"

I place the plate in front of him and sit down myself. "What you want to do today? Reminding you we have to stick in the house"

"Magic" he whispers and I can't help but smile.

"Practicing with the elements it is"

The End

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