I was a little jealous why I wasn't sure. 

" We'll have to stay in for a while." She said passing me. Probably a little upset about see her freind become something else something evil.  I felt bad for her. I returned to my room , and read the second page of the diary it was quite exciting.

I could not believe my eyes today I don't really have a way of explaining it any other way then magic.  I didn't get a good look at the person but they where able shoot blasts of ice , fire to defend themself from what I can only describe as a  vampire. Is everthing I once believed about magic untrue. After that little scene I went home to a house that was burned down. Somethings happening and something tells me I need help very soon.

The diary read much like a compressed book. I wanted to read more but I wasn't able to conectrate on the book anymore. The sounds outside wasn't helping. so I tried to get some sleep but that didn't help.  

The End

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