I leave my room and go to answer the front door. I open it.

"Capricorn" I gasp. He smiles and pushes a hand back through his messy red hair.

"Hiya El" he says leaning against the door frame.

"But they got you" I say stepping back.

"Yes they did" he smiles revealing the two large canines in his mouth.

"Get away from my house" I hold a palm out and he's forced back a meter. Which allows me time to close the door securing the shield mecanisum.

"Torren" I shout. He comes out after a minute.

"What?" he asks grogily.

"Don't open any windows... or the front or back doors" I tell him.

"Vampires?" he asks. "Is it Alex?"

"No, he use to be a friend of mine" I mutter looking at the floor blood rising to my cheeks.

"So he was a witch" Torren says, I also see a small look of jelousy in his eyes.

"Yeah, but a vampire called Elzon got him so... well you know" a thump sounds against the door then a scream of pain which isn't Capricorns.

"You useless cretin" I hear him shout. I pull back the blinds of the window next to the door and see a small deamon.

"I can't infiltrate a level 100 shield only powerful mages or small faults will allow you to penitrate that.... Master" he says the last word after hesitation and spitefully.

"Uhh, your useless" Capricorn hisses waving a hand sending the deamon up in flames. God, he's changed.

He looks at the window and spots me a smile coming over his face. You haven't won yet Elliana, His thoughts whisper making me shiver.

I step back pulling the blind back over the window. "We'll have to stay inside for a while" I say walking back to my room passing Torren without a glance.

The End

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