Reading temptationMature

I rolled around bed for a bit argueing with myself about wether to read or not to read the Diary. I wanted to know if I pissed the vampire off during my forgotten ventures. Eventually temptation became to strong, and I cracked the book open.

"Your going to regret this." I thought  I decided I would the more eventful pages than the simple I went to the restuaran today kinda stuff.  I started with the first.


You know what I'm not going to write dairy I'm not big on diaries but I was told to write this  stupid thing. This book came in box with a letter explaining I was going do something that would change thing drastically. Yeah right. Its strange though I didn't want to write this and I wanted to throw all this stuff away but yet I feel compelled to follow its directions. The letter also Directed me to meet out in the forest park tommorow noon.

Then I was about to flip the page when a knock on the door interupted my conentration. 

Not my door. I thought  but I was still curiouse. I decided to put the book down and sleep while Elliana went to open the door.

The End

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