"You can have this room" I say opening the guest bedroom door. Torren steps in and looks around. "It's not much but I think it'll do"

"You call a plasma tv and a king size bed not much" Torren says raising his eyebrows.

"Come and get me if you need anything" I mutter and walk out going to my room. I grab a towel and take a quick shower then go to my room again slipping into some tracksuit bottoms and a short sleeve top.

My room's the biggest. Like the guest room it has a tv on the wall and a kind sized bed. Then it has a wall wardrobe around the tv and a desk off to the back of the house.

Most of my clothes cosist of jeans, tops and jackets. I have a window also with a window seat. Most of the fabric is black and the room is around the same colour.

I sigh looking out the window. Why are they after him so much? I mean even when I hardly knew nothing it wasn't this bad.... Now it's almost as back but still???

I continue to wonder and sit down on the window seat looking out at the night sky....... then theres a knock at the door.

The End

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