Circle of PowerMature

I pick up the book and run my fingers over the picture. "You've done magic before" I whisper.

"What?" he says confused. I turn the book to show him.

"This is a circle of power, also known as a summoning circle but by the date on the edge it was cas last year febuary" I tell him.

"The year I lost my memory.... but shouldn't I have memories of doing magic then or shouldn't this seem familuar" He asks.

"It should do..... the only thing I can think off that would explain this would have been a transport spell while mind wiping"

He looks at me shocked and I go back to the book flicking through pages. I find an entry, which I read out.

"Dear Diary,

They've found me. I can't escape being an elemental with undeveloped psychic abilities is something that I really want to get rid of. I'm might have to wipe my memory soon. Shock that's it's only been five months since I found out and only two months since I summond Falcon to protect my sister someone. I just hope they stay safe."

That was July.... what happened in those next few months. Torren yanks the book out of my fingers and shove's it in his pocket.

"I'm sorry" I mutter.

"I don't want to remember" he mutters. "Can we get out now?"

"The shield will have drove Alex away by now yes"

He walks back up to the house and I follow silently...... where's his sister then.

The End

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