It was a little uncomftrable on the two seater because of how close I was to her. I wanted to watch a movie to get my mind off things.Unfortuntly what I was trying to get my mind off was near by. Before the movie started Alxes face smacked into the window. He bared his teeth.

" I thought you should that would take a fair bit of time to unravel himself." I said

" Well he stronger than I first thought." She muttered.

" Should we run or fight the guy?" I asked

" Running is easier."

" Okay where to?"

" That way." She points at the cellar door. thats quite convienent.

We both ran into it which lead to a small passage. Which lead atleast for me the unknown.

" I haven't really shown any awesome abilities. Do you think there may be other reasons that they want to get us that bad?"  directly after saying I tripped and the stupid book fell out my jacket pocket agian it opened to a diagram of a human bodyto more specific my body. To top it off there seemed to be some sorta diagram that looked like it was swirling. It had lots of labels to small to read but the readable lable read magic. 

"Thats really helpful." I siad sarcastically. Elliana only stood there in though

"we should keep going." I suggested


The End

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