"Umm, sure. I have a few" I wave a hand a behind him a cupboard opens. He gasps shocked.

"You call that a few" he whispers.

"Well, yeah. There still a lot of dvd's I want..... I'll make popcorn you pick" I say turning to create popcorn in my hands.

"I like butter" I hear him say walking off. I'm still wondering why he asked me to watch a movie?

Hmmm, oh well no point thinking about it.

I carry the popcorn over.

"Let me get this straight...... you can create anything you want and you haven't got all the dvd's you want?" he says turning to face me. I pull IronMan from the shelf and stick it in the Dvd player.

"Hey, I thought I was picking?" He says shaking his head.

"Tough you were taking to long" I say shrugging and sitting down. He sit down next to me and I hand him a small bowl.

"Thanks" he mutters. I hold up my hand and flick it. The lights go off, the curtains close, the speakers come on and the film starts. "That's still really impressive"

Its then I notice how cloes he is cause of the two seater seaty and I try my hardest to ignore the fact.

The End

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