So Thats Why.Mature

I sip the cola.

" So thats why." I mutter under my breath thinking

" Why what?" Elliana asked

" The wind whenever I held my hand up the wind would calm , slow or die completly. My friends and I always thought I just had natural knowledge of the wind. Or when I thought I could command fire when I was only a little kid." I explianed 

She gave me smile. I have to admit Elliana is pretty girl. 

" So you always tried to explian things in a reasonable way becuase magic and witches don't exist. Till now" She said.

" Yeah, that would bout summarize it." I said with a smile.

Trying not to look to stupid smiling with silver hair looks wierd at least to me.  It was sorta awkward just sitting there with the glass of coke.

" So what you do in your spare time?" I asked then i decided we should watch a movie, " Hey want to watch a movie?"


The End

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