Home Sweet.... MagicMature

"Home sweet home" I say turning the keys in the lock. I open the door and walk through into the house. I hear Torren close the door then look around. My house is a sort of stylish bungalow apartment. The Kitchen, living and dining room are all open and you step straight into it then three doors run along the back wall.

"Magic is dangerous" I say turning on Torren.

"Then why do you use it?" he asks.

"I grew up with it. My mum and father are unknown but I was taken in by a witch called Cathline" I tell him. I head towards the kitchen.

"Want a drink?" I ask opening the fridge with a flick of my hand and floating two glasses down from the shelf.

"Yes please" he says watching amazed.

"Water? Lemonade? Coke?" I ask.

"Coke please" he mutters I float the coke out of the fridge shutting the door and taking the cap off as I do so. I pour the drinks and continue to talk.

 "I'm a naturally born Witch called a Psychic which mean magic comes to me naturally" I explain. "I've been trained and chased by many people since I was 14 years old"

I hover the glas over to him and he hesitantly takes in out of the air. I take a large swig and sigh looking at the floor. "I never had a choice of using magic"

"But... you say I'm a witch what type am I?" I look up at Torren.

"A Elemental" I tell him. "A Witch that controls elements, you maybe able to learn more but your natural power is elements"

"What do Psychic do?"

"Anything" I say tilting my head and smiling. "I can read your thourghts or command you to fall off a cliff and you'd do it. But I respect privacy"

I finish down my drink and transport it in to the sink where it automatically washes itself before going back to the shelf.

"This really is a little magic house" Torren mutters. I smile, he and I will get along fine.

The End

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