"They turn witches into Vampire because the stronger the witch the more powerful vampire they create" I say looking across at him. I open the book. "Like for example, select a month in the year you lost your memory"

"November" he says.

I place a hand lightly above the pages, my hands glows a few secounds then I remove it handing the book back to him.

"Is this a diary?" he says shocked.

"MmHm" I say putiing my hands up behind my head. I yawn and the boy looks across at me.

"I've no where to go that Alex doesn't know about" He whispers looking back at the book.

"Alex, Hmm so that's his name. Not the strongest of vampires but still..." I shrug then we reach the main street.

"You can stay at my place I have a spare room. You're welcome to stay" I tell him.

"Thanks but hows that meant to stop Alex getting in" he asks. God, he's fucking cute.

"I have protection" I say looking away and shrugging. He nods then we begin to walk in silence. I wrap my arms around my chest when I start to feel the cold and warm my skin up.

I turn a put a hand on Torrens shoulder sending warmness into his skin.

"Thank you" he mutters. He's hardly said anything else and thats slightly bugging. I have a thing of not looking in peoples diaries, especially witches there can be anything in there but........ I'm really starting to wonder what was in that one that's so shocking.......

The End

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