This book it was given to me.Mature

" Well Elliana Do you care to tell me what the fuck is going on?" I asked Then the book fell out my pocket. Before I could pick it up Elliana grabs it out of interest.

" How'd you get this?" She asked

" The book it was given to me. A little before the year my whole entire memory was lost. If you command it Read words apear on the pages." I explained as we walked away from Alex's out cold and tied up body.

" A year of your memory erased?" She questioned

" Yeah all that was left of that year for me to remember it by is these small scars on my arms." 

" Hmm. You're asking about whats going on.  Well to start magic is real, so are vampires. The vampires are targetting certian humans with sets of skills that deal with magic." She explained

" Is there more to it than that?" I asked eyebrows raised


The End

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