" That vampire is after you for a reason." She said

In my head I say " no really." 

We then continue on through the nightclub she opens a Door and there was Alex with his knife.

" Oi , Vampy." She says

Alex stands back afriad. I see the girl holding a electrically charged object.

" What is the that?" I ask quietly

" Shut up and don't look into his eyes and you would be vulnerable!" She hissed

I already know that looking in his eyes won't do crap.  When he was going to bite me I looked into his eyes and I was able to avoid being bitten. But I still obeyed the command just incase of fluke.

Alex thens says " Your her, aren't you?"

"Yep thats me the little witch who keeps getting away." She replys with a grin.

" Witch?" I asked. Todays was begingin to turn out to be freakin bizzare.


I keep myself quiet. Heres a strange point Alex obviously knows we'te here whats with the idea of being stealthy if he know where we are.

" Go boy." she orders me.

I didn't hesitate as I took off.  I run down the street as fast as my legs could carry me.  I turn around to see the whereabouts of Alex and that girl. She took off in the opposite direction with Alex following her.  I had a choice run for my own life or run back help. How am I supposed to help? I stood there in the middle of the street stunned.

" Go help."  A voice in my head says.

I checked my ankle long jacket pockets. In my right hand pocket I find the book that someone had given me long ago with blank pages. Why I did this is unknown to me. I command the book " Read!"

Letters began to appear for some reason at that moment everything made sense why I couldn't remember a whole year. The book I follow the girl and the vampire last known position to me. With confidence that I could take the vampire.





The End

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