Oi, VampyMature

A boy comes running down the street doging between people. A vampire is following him silently a blade slipped up his sleeve.

I grab the boys arm as he's about to run past and drag him into the closest night club.

"Hey, what are you-" I cut him short putting a hand over his mouth.

"Shut up. That Vampire's after you for a reason. Now follow me" I begin through the crowd and I don't look back to see if he follows cause I know he will.

I lead him to the side door and pull a crystal out of my pocket. Electric currents flow through it and I smile.

I open the door and the Vampire stands waiting. "Oi, Vampy" I say waving the stone next to my face.

He curses and steps back. The boy comes up behind me and freezes. "What's that?" he whispers.

"Shut up and don't look in his eyes your vunerable" I hiss back at him.

"Your her aren't you?" The Vampire asks.

"Yep, that's me the little witch who keeps getting away" I say smiling.

"Witch?" the boy asks confused.

"Shh" I hiss. He shuts up. I walk sideways around the Vampire and the boy follows.

The Vampires eyes follow my every movement. "Go boy" I hiss he runs off and I begin to back away slowly. Then I turn and run as fast as I can doing what I did earlier for the secound time in a row.

The End

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