" Stop Torren."  Alex commanded.

" No I've got more important things to do then hang with you two." I replied I contiued walking down the stairs that lead to the forest.

"You've always been this way." Alex blurted out.

What the hell does he mean always? I only met the idiot last week.

" I don't know what your talkin about alex."I said waving my right hand dismissvely

" You don't need too." He said as his foor connected with my back sending me down the flight of stairs.

I landed head first on the ground. The world was begining to look a little blurry. I got up turning to face Alex but my eye length silver hair momentarily filled my vision and Alex was then rate in front of me. How can one move so fast without making a sound?  

" Welcome back Torren." The guy baring these massive canines. 

If I didn't know any better I would say that this guy was vampire.

" Um welcome back? Your still making no sense!" I said loudly.

You know how vampire in those movies for the neck. Don't ask me why but Alex wnet for the same thing. I stepped out of his way. He loocked a little confused on why wasn't staying put.  He went in his pocket and pulled out a knife. Thats when I decicided running was quite a good option. I turned and ran like phsycopathic murdere was behind wait thats what was behind me.


The End

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