Open BloodMature

People thought vampires didn't exist but some people know different because of their wanted skills.
But their lives depend on their survival skills against these creature.


I run forcing my feet to continue to move. There behind me.

I won't be able to see them if I look back because of the darkness of the night but they're there. I turn a corner and hear them hiss angrily.

I turn and kick out catching a shocked male vampire in the stomach. One of his mates lunges at me but I've already ducked under him and taken off across the road. I make it across and jump a wall not very gracefully at all.

I land on my ankle bandly and while it burns with pain I force myself to continue down the path. My golden blond hair flows behind me wildly with its light brown streaks.

I try to strain my golden brown eyes on the path ahead to see what lies ahead in the darkness. I see him just in time.

I slide through his legs and don't leave a break before I'm back on my feet and running. I turn a corner and come out on to a main street parties raging and people everywhere.

I turn to look back at the vampires cowering in the darkness. They don't dare pull a stunt her and reveal herself.

"You'll join us one day" the leader hisses before gesturing for his two friends to follow him back into the darkness. I'm tired and my legs ache with pain.

I've never made myself run that fast even though I know I can do it. I only did it then cause I was running against vampires.

I sigh and turn to look at a group of guys past by. A couple wolf whistle and I shake my head my thin long hip length hair scattering everywhere.

I walk off down the road. This time I'll stick to the main roads.

The End

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