Opai-Nen: The Love of War

This story follows the life of Manasseh, the grandson of Kepa-Kari. It focuses on his struggles and the hardships he faces as one of the Unwanted.
It also details his overcoming of doubts and fears as he fights for what is right, and doesn't back down in the face of danger.

          In the years that came about after the creation of Ifcum, the nation was separated into five different tribes.

          At first, the people lived in the Aphrai Valley; but some grew tired of this and set out to explore new lands. They divided, making four tribes: those who stayed in Aphrai became known as the Asail; those who traveled to what they called Kapal became known as the Benari; and those who settled in the region of Canakari were known as the Zenorik and Lepai people.
          These tribes lived peacefully with one another for many years; until, unexpectedly, a small fire was started in a village in Canakari. The Lepai were enraged; the Zenorik were shocked. Neither knew who had started the fire; both wanted revenge.
          Both tribes became bitter toward eachother, blaming one another for any accident or misfortune that happened to come along. The Asail and Benari weren't sure who to believe. Everything was in confusion.
          Then, when it seemed as if nothing could get worse, the Opai-Nen tribe was formed.
          As was said, none were sure who had started the fire---except for the ones that started it.
          A few houses had been burned, including one that belonged to a farmer and his family. The farmer and his wife had been inside the house at that time, and did not survive; however, their son had been in the fields, and so was the first to see the fire and smoke.
          The son, whom they named Kepa-Kari, was terribly grieved by the news; he was sure that the ones who had started the fire had meant to destroy him, not his parents. The other houses that went down with his were merely ones that caught fire, and were unintentionally brought to ashes.
          He began to grow hateful of all people. His parents were the only ones who had ever loved him, and now they were gone. He knew who had started the fire; but even if he tried to tell someone, no one would listen. He was different from them. That's why they had tried to kill him; because he was different.
          He decided to travel across the region, and then to Aphrai and Kapal, gathering the outcasts and the orphans; the homeless and the street dwellers. He took them and formed a small group of travelers who called themselves the Opai-Nen; but most called them the Unwanted or Outcasts. No one would show them respect, even as a separate tribe.
          So the Opai-Nen continued to gather the outcasts and moved to an isolated location for some time.
          While they were gone, the other tribes became semi-peaceful again, and it seemed as if nothing had happened. The Opai-Nen hadn't been seen for some time, and many thought that they had died off, or something else had happened to them.
          But just when everything seemed to be going well, a small village near the southern borders of Aphrai was raided.
          The leaders of the Asail were terrified; it was true that it had been a small village, but they knew that it was only a warning.
          They met with the rulers of the other tribes, and decided to begin moving the people from towns and villages into the larger main cities. They arranged plans to build walls around the cities, which was disturbing to many of the people, because they had never had to worry about their safety before. They even began to recruit a small army, and fashioned guards at all corners of the city. They were readying for war; and thus the War began.

The End

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