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Celia was going to have a house party tonight- but then, the zombie apocalypse began. Can her friends find each other, band together, and secure the nearest supermarket to ensure their survival?

First there'd been that horrendous mess with the ironing board. She'd barely escaped that one alive. And now, finally, she'd found new friends and started having parties again.

So of course, between the walk from the station to her house, the zombie apocalypse had begun. 

Some had ran. Some had hidden. They'd all been split up- and now she stood alone.

Celia stood aghast as a horde approached, their dead eyes were glazed over. It was clear they weren't human any more, just hollow shells. Everything, everything, she knew about science and biology defied what she saw ahead of her, but yet, it was still there.

This was no bad dream. 

Why, the one night the zombies came, did her mum have to be at Bikram yoga?

She was alone.

The horde lurched forwards. Her heart beat fast, the blood rushing to her face. She felt tears prick her wild eyes, full of fear.

This was the end. They were only metres away now.

If she ran, she knew, they would follow. So she stood frozen like a rabbit in headlights.

Celia closed her eyes, savouring consciousness while she had it. She wished she'd lost her lesbian virginity. She wished she'd finished her novel. She wished-

Suddenly, she saw light behind her closed lids. She blinked them open in confusion.

Now in front of her, there was a gleaming black motorbike, fog lights blinding. Straddling this monstrous vehicle was someone clad in skin-tight leather and laden with firearms. The stranger whisked off her motorcycle helmet, her hair swishing on the wind like a real-life Garnier advert. The headlights blazed behind her, framing her head in a halo.

"Get on the bike!," screamed May. "You're not dying on my watch!".

The End

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