Only Hope: A Modern Fairytale Romance

Marissa Logan has terminal Cancer & she meets Todd Pettengill & offers him one million, if he spends the last two months she has with her, an experience that changes his life forever, a romance that ends in tragedy and sadness.

Only Hope: A Modern Fairytale Romance

Film director, producer, model and actress, Marissa Mitchell had it all—looks, a killer body, and was a quadruple threat in Hollywood with her talent, one afternoon, she was getting ready to attend a Hollywood premiere of a film starring Viola Davis, Jonathan Groff, rapper/singer/actor, T.I. and actor Victor Garber, a film she had directed and produced. She came out of her bedroom, to her lavish spacious living room, in a sparkling, halter top red dress and her assistant in the room, Deborah smiled.

Deborah: Wow, Marissa, you look great.

Marissa: (smiles) Thank you. (laughs) Well lets get going, we're going to be late if we don't.

When Marissa arrived at the premiere, she acted normally, to the paparazzi and fans in the crowd on both sides of her, screaming out her name loudly, to snap pictures of her, to get her autograph, etc. It was something that Marissa was used to, she was as known as Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Martin Scorsese, etc. She heard several newsmagazine reporters calling her name, so she went over to the one she knew more—E! News and from that, the rest was history….


Theme Song: "Teenage Dream" ~ Katy Perry

It was a regular day for the group on the television broadcast, Dish Nation. Especially for the radio personalities at 95.5 WPLJ New York, radio personalities, Todd Pettengill, Cooper Lawrence, and Scott Shannon, except they were filming for their show "Dish Nation". This is how it went:

Cooper: So, it seems like Todd here has a Hollywood admirer. (Scott laughs)

Todd: (looks at Cooper and smiles) Whoa—what? What Todd? Who this Todd?(Scott laughs)

Scott: No Tony Todd from the movie Candyman. (Scott and Cooper laugh)

Cooper: Of course you, Todd. Well here's what's going on, at the premiere of the movie "Tragedy in the Bayou", starring actress Viola Davis, actor Victor Garber—(Todd cuts in)

Todd: Yeah, yeah, who cares? Get to the interesting part. (Scott laughs)

Scott: (smiles) Aww come on, that's a pretty interesting part.

Todd: (laughs) No its not, I don't care who's it starring, first of all, what kind of name is Tragedy in the Bayou for a movie? (Scott and Cooper laugh) It sounds like a bad Hulk Hogan television show.

Cooper: Anyway, (laughs) the director and producer of the film, Marissa Logan, was asked how she enjoyed making the movie, and she went into saying how fun it was, yada, yada, yada. HOWEVER, E! News also asked her if anything was going on between her and actor Justin Long, because you know they've been spotted at different places together—(Todd cuts in)

Todd: Ok, is this story going anywhere? (Scott laughs)

Scott: Yeah, Todd wants you to get to whatever eighty year old woman it is, who's crushing on him. (Scott and Cooper laugh)

Todd: (scoffs and smiles) Eighty? Well- yeah so I can call her up to ask her out before the nursing home she's in cuts off calls for the night. (Scott laughs)

Cooper: Ok, ok (sighs and smiled) long story short, Marissa outright denied anything going on between her and Justin Long because apparently from what SHE said, she has MAJOR eyes for you, Todd.

Scott laughs loudly and Todd looks at Cooper with a raised eyebrow and smiles.

Todd: (laughs) Yeah ok, anyway, next up on the morning show—(Cooper cuts in)

Cooper: (laughs) No I'm serious, I did some research and went on her Twitter page and sure enough, she's tweeted something last week that said this, (reads from the paper of the tweet) 'Todd Pettengill is incredibly handsome, I hope one day to be interviewed on his morning show. That would be a real treat, now media and fans, THAT'S who I'm crushing on.'

Scott laughs and Todd looks at him with a brief smile.

Todd: You're laughing awfully hard there, Scott.

Scott: Its just funny, aww Todd has a admirer. (Scott and Cooper laughs)

Todd: (shrugs and smirks) Well, I never even seen what this girl looks like, who is she?

Cooper: You never heard of Marissa Logan? She made a ton of films, used to date actor Will Estes, Ben Foster—was nominated for a Emmy last year?

Todd: (shrugs) Nope, never seen her—I mean I've heard of her and seen her films but never seen her.

Cooper slides over a photo of Marissa, on the cover of Cosmopolitan, where she's in a short, black mini dress, with her long, black, back length hair flowing down on her shoulders. She looked HOT on the cover.

Cooper: (smiles) There she is.

Scott and Todd looked at the photo and Todd looked with raised eyebrows of surprise.

Scott: Whoa mama! She's hot. (Cooper laughs)

Todd: DAMN. (Scott scoffs with a smile)

Scott: She's a black girl.

Cooper: No from what I read about her, she's mixed, half white, American Indian, half French, half black. She used to be a model.

Todd: Well—(stops and shrugs as she pushes the photo away and takes a sip of his coffee in his cup)

Scott: (smiles) We should have her on the show—like—tomorrow. (Cooper gasps and smiles)

Todd: (immediately) NO.

Scott & Cooper in unison: Why?

Todd: (shakes his head and smiles briefly) Because, I am not going to be the subject of you all playing love connection. Oh no—even though Scott could pass for Chuck Woolery with the clothes he wears, but—(stops and shrugs and Cooper laughs)

Cooper: (smiles) Oh come on Todd.

Scott: Yeah, it could be fun.

Todd: NO, NO, NO, I—(Scott cuts in)

Scott: Cooper, book her for the show tomorrow! (Cooper laughs)

Cooper: Will do, I think its going to be fun!

Todd: (leans over and puts his elbows on the table and covers his face and sighs loudly) Is it too late for me to call in sick tomorrow? (Scott and Cooper laughs)


Theme Song: "Rude Boy" ~ Rihanna

Marissa was just coming home from visiting a production meeting for her next film, when her cell phone rang. She took it out of her purse and answered as she got out of her 2011 Infiniti sports car.

Marissa: Hello Marissa here?

Cooper: Um, hello is this Marissa Logan?

Marissa: This is, who's this?

Cooper: Cooper Lawrence from WPLJ Radio in New York—(Marissa cuts in)

Marissa: With Todd and Scott in the morning?

Cooper: Yes, (laughs) we were wondering if you'd like to come in tomorrow for a radio interview with the morning show.

Marissa: (looks surprised) Hmm, really? This is sort of short notice, but I think tomorrow is one of my free days, so alright.

Cooper: Great.

Marissa: What time?

Cooper: Seven, the interview will be anytime between eight and nine a.m.

Marissa: Great, alright, well thanks, this will give me a chance to talk about my new film that just came out.

Cooper: Uh—yeah, that. Ok well, see you tomorrow Marissa.

Marissa: Yup, bye.

Marissa clicked off her cell phone as she walked in the house and went to her fridge and grabbed a Snapple drink out and opened it and took a few sips.


Theme Song: "Bad Romance" ~ Glee Cast

It was seven a.m. on a Friday morning, the temperature was about eighty-eight outside, but inside the WPLJ station, it was cool. Marissa walked into the greenroom of the station where guests were to stay until time for them to be on the radio. She looked great in what she had on that day, her red sleeveless mini dress and clear gelled sandals on, her long black hair pulled back off her face with a red bow tied around it, with the ends of her hair flowing down her back. She looked like she had stepped off the cover of a magazine. As she sat in the greenroom, she pulled out her blackberry and started reading the morning news on her phone, she missed it that morning, in the midst of her traveling.


The Todd and Scott morning show was already underway when:

Cooper: Sooo, we have a guest in the greenroom today. (Scott laughs)

Todd sits back in his chair and briefly closes his eyes and sighs with a fake smile.

Todd: Oh Jeez, I totally forgot about that today. That's it, I'm sick, I'm going home. (Scott laughs)

Cooper: (laughs) Oh come on Todd, you can't say this girl isn't—(Scott cuts in)

Scott: Hot? (Scott laughs)

Todd: No, look she is, but I—(stops and scoffs and briefly smiles) No.

Scott; How bad can it be? (laughs) Its just an interview, not a date with the electric chair. (Cooper laughs)

Todd: (between a sigh) Fine—whatever. But you have to promise Scott not to do the two and two hand motion like Chuck Woolery or—whatever, if we go to break between talking with this woman. (Cooper laughs)

Scott scoffs and smiles.

Scott: Uh-I promise not to tell her, you have the dvd movie Scooby Doo at home. (Scott and Cooper laugh)

Cooper: Alright well, let's bring out, Hollywood director, producer, actress, model, Marissa Logan.

Cooper motions to one of the guys working behind a big window in the station to bring Marissa out. Within minutes, Marissa walks into the room, with a brief smile and Scott looks at her with a amusing smile. It was obvious he was about to just laugh right then and there. Todd looked at her briefly and looked away and scoffed and smiled.

Scott motioned for Marissa to sit right in between him and Todd, right beside Todd in a chair.

Cooper: So, welcome to the Todd and Scott morning show, Marissa.

Marissa: Thank you, I appreciate being here.

Cooper: So, Marissa, first off, you're a film director, actress, producer, model, how awesome is that? How long have you been in the industry?

Marissa: Um, ever since I was about seventeen. I never went to film school, or anything, I just started making short films and went from that to making a low budget horror film and I went from there.

Scott: (nods with a smile) Wow, good job.

Marissa: Yeah, it's a lot of fun, the working with actors, the premieres, its awesome.

Scott: And now you're also a model?

Marissa: Yeah, I've been on the cover of Sports Illustrated twice and I used to do modeling in Paris, for several agencies, before I turned to acting and making films.

Cooper: (smiles) Wow that's exciting. So um, you know Todd here, right?

Todd sighed and immediately took a big gulp of his coffee.

Marissa: (looks at Todd briefly) Yeah, I know of him. (looks at Todd) What's up Todd?

Todd: (nods and briefly smiles) Hi.

Cooper: (smiles) Well, we heard from E! News and from your Twitter account that you have quite the eye for Todd. (Scott laughs)

Marissa: (laughs) Um, I do. I think he's quite handsome.

Todd sighs and looks away with a brief smile.

Cooper: (laughs) Well, Todd, you hear that?

Scott: Todd hasn't said a thing since she's been in here. (Cooper laughs)

Todd: (smiles) What? What is there to say? She was talking. (Cooper laughs) What should I do—talk over her or something?

Marissa: (laughs) Um, anyway, my new film comes out Friday, are we going to talk about that?

Scott: (smiles) You don't like talking about Todd?

Todd: NO, she doesn't. Isn't that right, Marissa?

Marissa glanced at Todd and smiled briefly and shrugged.

Marissa: Its fine, either way. My film is projected to make twenty million at the box office, so—(stops and shrugs)

Cooper and Scott clap loudly.

Cooper: Wow! That's pretty big, that's great.

Todd: (nods) That is, considering the name of the film.

Marissa shot him a raised eyebrow look.

Marissa: And just WHAT is wrong with the title of the film?

Scott: Uh oh. (Scott and Cooper laughs)

Todd: (scoffs and smiles) Its just um—a odd title.

Marissa: The title represents what the film is about—hurricane Katrina and the tragic events that happened because of it.

Marissa stares at him with an eyebrow raised and Cooper laughs.

Cooper: (smiles) Alright, I can tell already you two would be great together, look at how you're debating with each other.

Scott: Yeah like a old married couple. (Scott and Cooper laughs)

Todd: (scoffs and shakes his head and smiles briefly) Whatever. Its doesn't matter.

Marissa: Aww, you look cute when you're annoyed.

Cooper and Scott Laugh and Todd looks at her with a slightly surprised look.

Scott: You know, you and Todd here need to go out.

Todd: (looks at Scott and puts on a surprised smile) WHAT?

Cooper: (laughs) Oh yeah that be a great idea, you are single, right Marissa?

Marissa: (nods) Yeah, but I'm not sure Todd would be so thrilled about that, look at his face. (Scott laughs)

Todd: (looks at her and says coldly) First off, don't presume to tell me what I'd be thrilled about, alright?

Cooper giggled.

Scott: Nah, ah, down boy. That's not nice.

Marissa: Well if I didn't already know of your humorous personality on the radio from before, I'd think you were trying to cop an attitude with me.

Todd: (shrugs and scoffs and briefly smiles) Maybe I was.

Marissa: No I doubt it, because if that was the best rude attitude you could give, I must tell you, it was awful, you can do better at being rude than that. (Cooper laughs loudly)

Todd looked at her with a hint of surprise. He hadn't had a on air guest fire back at him like that, and for her to do so, was almost—interesting, and was attracting to him. He scoffed and shook his head and smiled.

Scott: (smiles) Aww this is SUCH a match-made in heaven. (Scott laughs)

Cooper: So Todd, how about it, I tell you what, we'll sweeten the deal. Dinner will be on us—WPLJ, if you two decide to go out tonight.

Scott: (smiles) Ooh, Todd will take it, watch. (Cooper laughs)

Todd: NO (Scoffs and laughs briefly) No thanks I'll pass.

Marissa: (shrugs and briefly smiles) Yeah, you're probably a lousy date anyway Todd.

Scott and Cooper laugh.

Todd: (looks at her almost with a irritated look) What? (scoffs and shakes his head) You are so—off—WAY off.

Marissa: No, I'm not, because if I was you'd prove me wrong. That's what REAL men do.

Scott: Sounds like a challenge, Todd.

Cooper: (laughs) I like this girl, she has an attitude! (laughs)

Todd: (smiles briefly) No she doesn't have an attitude, she's just down right annoying.

Scott: And annoying is always SO attractive.

Todd: You know, I think I will take the offer, just to prove you wrong Marissa Logan.

Scott and Cooper laughed.

Marissa: I have a better deal, and I guess I can come out with this now. I have this show coming out, for Bravo called Two Months until forever—(Todd cuts in)

Todd: (scoffs and laughs) Two Months until Forever? What is with these bad titles? That sounds like a bad Thornbirds sequel or something. (Scott and Cooper laugh)

Marissa: (fakes a smile at Todd) Wrong, Pettengill—(Todd cuts in)

Todd: What's with calling me by my last—(stops and scoffs and waves his hand at her and briefly smiles) Whatever, you've annoyed me enough today.

Scott: (smiles) Aww don't worry, Marissa, Todd is attracted to your annoyance, or else he would have kicked you off by now. (Marissa and Cooper laugh)

Marissa: Ok I know. (smiles and Todd cuts in)

Todd: (laughs briefly and says coldly) No you DON'T know. (shakes his head and scoffs before taking sips of his coffee)

Theme Song: "Only Hope" ~ Mandy Moore

Marissa: Anyway, it chronicles my final two months with terminal Cancer and—(Todd cuts in)

Todd: Whoa, wait, you have Cancer?

Scott and Cooper look at her with shock. Marissa nods with a smile.

Marissa: Yeah, its terminal, but I stopped taking chemo about a month ago and doctors say I have about two months to—to um—live.

Cooper: (looks shocked) Oh my God. That is totally—wow. How come we—the media are just finding out about this?

Scott: Yeah, I mean you must have done a really great job hiding this from the public.

Marissa: (nods) I did, I did, I didn't want anyone to know until now, I have my reasons for that.

Scott: Wow, so, how are you dealing with all that?

Marissa: (shrugs) I just plan on living out my two months in the most beautiful way possible. I'm not afraid of dying, I'm just afraid of dying without spending my final two month— living.

Todd looks at her with an almost guilty look.

Todd: (takes sips of his coffee) I apologize about earlier, you aren't really annoying—(Marissa cuts in)

Marissa: (laughs) Oh no, don't do that. I hate when people do that, don't feel sorry for me by feeling you have to apologize for being yourself. I don't want to be a pity case.

Besides, sometimes I really am annoying, but only to people I like. (smiles and winks)

Todd laughs and shakes his head.

Marissa: So the premise of the show is for me to spend two months with a gentleman who can make my final months absolutely amazing and in return, I'll change their view of life completely, forever and—they'll get one million dollars for their two months with me. (laughs briefly)

Scott: Oh kinda like that movie with Keanu Reeves, what was it—um, um—(Todd cuts in)

Todd: Sweet November, yeah I remember that film, it was the one that I fell asleep on. (Cooper laughs)

Cooper: So has Bravo picked the show up?

Marissa: Yeah, it starts next month on the 22nd, but I haven't found a gentleman to spend the next two months with, that's why I'm offering the deal to Todd.

Scott and Cooper both laugh.

Cooper: Oh that's so sweet, Todd.

Scott: Todd should do it, he'll be on tv, and for a good reason, not for crappy reasons like Charlie Sheen when he was on Two and A Half Men. (Cooper laughs)

Todd: (shrugs) I—I don't know. (scoffs and smiles briefly)

Cooper: Oh come on, Todd, this sounds like an interesting show, I'D watch it. Besides you get a million dollars.

Todd: (smiles) Yeah, I could use that money and buy myself a bat to beat the hell out of Scott for not letting me call in sick today. (Scott and Todd laughs)

Marissa: A million dollars and a tv deal, sounds sweet to me.

Todd: (glances at Marissa and shrugs) Alright, I'll do it. That means I wouldn't be on air for the next two months though, so who's going to provide the funny stuff while I'm gone?

Cooper (laughs): Oh please, Scott and I are humorous enough.

Todd: (shrugs and smiles) Sometimes. (Cooper and Todd laughs)

Marissa: Great, this should be fun, Todd, we'll start tomorrow—(Todd cuts in)

Todd: Tomorrow, wow, right away, alright. But I'm not hanging out with drag people like Keanu in Sweet November. (Scott and Todd laughs)

Marissa: (laughs) No, none of that, and oh you have to promise that you won't fall in love with me during the two months.

Cooper: (smiles) Aww, like A Walk To Remember. (Scott and Cooper laughs)

Todd: (looks at Cooper with confusion) A Walk to what?

Cooper laughs.

Cooper: never mind, Todd. (scoffs and shakes her head and smiles)

Todd: Well anyway, sure I can promise that, I'm not in love with ya now, so see? It'll be easy. (Marissa laughs briefly)

Scott: Todd, come on, man, that's not nice.

Todd: (shrugs and smiles) What? She said don't feel sorry for her.

Marissa: No, its ok, Scott, Todd's alright, besides, that's what Landon said in A Walk To Remember too. (Cooper laughs)

Cooper: Oh that's right, and Landon and Jamie fell in love.

Cooper/Scott: Awwwww. (they both laugh)

Todd: (scoffs and shakes his head) Well, unlike some MAKE-BELIEVE character, I can honestly say I will not be falling in love with you. Its just so I can collect my million and go to the bank and get my own show called fire the cast of Jersey Shore from a cannon. (Scott and Cooper laughs)

Marissa: (smiles and extends her hand to him) Great so we have a deal?

Todd shakes her hand and shrugs.

Todd: Sure, as long as I get the million, yeah. (Scott laughs)

Cooper: And you know what we'll do, we'll chronicle your show, on the morning show here, so our viewers can follow along with it as well.

Todd: And all our viewers are going to put to sleep to our boring events on this Two Months Until Forever show. (Cooper laughs)

Marissa: Please. You'd be surprised what I have in mind for the next two months.

Todd took sips of his coffee and scoffed

Todd had accepted a deal to spend two months with Marissa Logan, a terminally ill Cancer actress, director, producer and model. To him, the deal was to be simple and minor—spend time with this young woman and collect a million dollars and be done with it. Little did he know, this young woman and this deal would change his life, emotionally, mentally and in every other way possible, like never before. ….

The End

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