Only HimMature

I sat there, on the wall, trembling. My legs dangled over the brick and I watched over the construction site, barely able to concentrate. I was waiting for him to show up, and he'd sent me a text message saying he had set off. In a couple of minutes I would be meeting the guy I'd barely ever talked to in school, yet every night we chatted over Facebook. And somehow, I'd fallen for him. Whenever I saw him in school my heart skipped but I never looked for long, I'd hide my face or quickly hurry past him.. I was convinced I wasn't good enough.

He was beautiful, deep brown eyes and black hair.. Everything I'd ever wanted. Girls loved him, and he probably loved girls, but he'd shown interest in me. Maybe I seem like I didn't have a lot of respect for myself, but I was convinced I loved him. 

The builders on the construction site looked at me, but I wasn't surprised, I was just sat there. Wind blew in my face and messed my hair that I'd spent a good half an hour on earlier that morning. By now, I was unsure. I wanted to leave.

But before I could, a sweet voice was heard.

"Have you really been waiting five minutes?"

Looking to my right, I saw him. He was absolutely gorgeous.

He smiled eagerly, showing very few teeth, but it was good enough for me.

"Yes!" I snapped. I tend to be confident when I'm nervous, weird, I know.

We walked down the road together, small talking.

"I thought you'd never turn up." I stated. "The builders were starting to look at me funny."
"Sorry!" He replied, "I just didn't want to get here too early."

After a few more funny sentances, we reached his house.

"I've locked the dog in the kitchen, I know you don't like big dogs and I didn't want you to be scared." He grinned.
"Aw, aren't you cute!" I smiled back.

Then, we went inside. 

The End

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