Only fools rush in


As i rushed out of the tube station at charing cross,my eyes darted in every direction looking for andrew,my heart pounded against my chest as i saw him leaning against the outer walls of the station,smoking a cigarette.

I could'nt believe it was the same guy i fantasied over,whom i sat behind, in each classes of economics management during my days as an exchange student on the island of st vincent.

Seeing me walking towards him,he dropped the cigarette on the floor and greeted me with a kiss on the cheek.i went bright red,here he was,in person who knew a day like this would have actually come.

Andrew was in london to join the navy and it so happened,his uncle that he was staying with was married to my aunt's half when his uncle ask me if i would show him around london,i jumped to the chance.

As we broke from our embrace,i asked, wot he wanted to do.he said,he would like to see the sights around london,so i took him to buckingham palace.It was a short distance from the station so we decided to walk .As we stroll side by side, we chatted about why he wanted to join the navy,about being a single dad to two kids,he ask about me,if i was single,if i had any kids of my own,and if i wanted any.

At the end of our tour of the palace,we decided to grab a bite at pizza hut,then we moved on to a concert that was happening at picadilly circus, near by.Before you knew it, we were holding hands,i felt like i knew him for ages,he kept looking at me ,which sent tingles down my spine.

It was around five in the evening,when i glanced at my watch and remembered i had to be making my way home.I had forgotten that i  made plans with my cousins and their mate to go clubbing that night i told Andrew i had to go,but he was'nt having none of it.He ask if he can come back to mine as it was still to early for him to return to his uncle's home in abbeywood.

When we got to my place i introduced him to my family,he sat in the front room. I showered and got dressed.My cousins and their mate arrived,Andrew decided he wanted to come out to the club with us,so he tagged along to cork's wine bar.

On the dance floor Andrew could'nt keep his hands off me,we kept steeling kisses,like naughty school kids.It was getting late,Andrew had to go,he needed to catch the last train of the night.I took him to the station,before he went through the barriers,we engaged in a long kiss,his hands on my bum,i can feel him getting aroused.

When he got in,he rang my mobile i was still making my way home,he stayed on the phone with me until i was home,changed in to my night dress and tucked into bed.We talked about every and anything,then he ask me to be his girlfriend,with out hesitation,i said yes.

The next day we met up and went to a chinese restaurant,there i introduce Andrew to  my aunt Joan and my cousin colin.we had a lovely afternoon.At the end of that day i knew i wanted him in my life forever,he seemed different from the other guys i  dated before,he made me feel as though i was the prettiest and the only girl in a crowed room. He would stop in mid sentence,in the middle if a conversation and look into my eyes for no reason.

Weeks went by,Andrew and i spent every chance we got together or on the phone.One day after spending the day with each other,we said fair well before we made our way to our individual home.As soon as we parted my mobile rang it was him protesting his love for me,i got so emotional,no guy has ever told me he loved me,i always had to say it first.but here was Andrew making the first move.

Andrew went to his interview at the navy head quarters,unfortunatley he failed.and was ask to come back in three months time.He was very devastated and so was i,we had already made plans on how we were going to cope with him in plymouth and me in london,and to have our dream shattered like that was painful.

Two weeks passed,Andrew decided instead of staying in london he was goin to visit his mom in america and return  in time for his second interview,i was a bit curious of his decision,everything was going so well,why would he want to go to america for three months instead of staying in london with me.

The day came when he left for America,i did'nt go to the airport with him,instead we spoke on the phone,he asked me to wait for him until he returned,he made me promise that i would not be unfaithful to him while he was away,i promised him i wont,how can i?i loved him to much to ever do such a thing.

Andrew promised me,when he got to america he would call me everyday,he said he was going to buy a mobile so that i can reach him anytime i wanted to.A week went by,i got an email from him,said it was extremely hot in america,and because of the change in climate,he had caught a cold.we met a couple time on line and chatted after that.

What i found strange was that Andrew never had time for me any more, now that he was in America,he never call everyday like he promised,he did'nt gave me a contact number so i can ring when i wanted to,thing is he never called at all.The few times we talked was via the internet.I started to get suspicious,but everytime i did,when ever we would meet online,he always had a reason,then i will end up feelling stupid for being suspicious.

My aunt Joan's daughter was getting married,i was so excited with the wedding arrangements,it help to ease my mind and any suspitions i had of Andrew.I was in charged of ringing around and asking what people wanted from the menu.When i got to andrew's uncle who was also invited ,i was happy,i thought maybe he can tell me why Andrew was being so distance with me.

I dialled the number,Bonnie,thats andrew's uncle was'nt in,but i got his wife Cecelia,we chatted about the wedding a bit,then the conversation turned to Andrew,i told her that he was acting strange,that i never hear from him,and all the promises he made,he failed to fulfilled them.Then she blurted out,did'nt he tell you he was married?,i said,'pardon me'?,then she asked again,'has'nt he told you he is married'?

I was in totall shock, how can this be,we made plans to be together forever,maybe Cecelia got it wrong,or maybe i did'nt hear her correctly.Tears filled my eyes,i started crying,i felt so hurt,i wanted to kill the bastard,how could he,why,why me.Cecelia went on to say, three weeks before Andrew came over to london,he flew to america,there he got married.His intentions was to come to london join the navy and send for his wife.

After i hung up,my world came crashing down,my suspitions were confirmed.that explained his strange behaviour.Andrew had taken me for a ride,i guessed he only wanted me to help pass the time.But he said he loved me,the way he made me feel it was real. I believed him when he said,he loved me.Then i remember that song my mother use to sing,'Only fools rush in'




The End

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