Chapter Ten

“Run!” your voice screams, and I look around rapidly for you. “I’ll explain later! Just run!”

I take off running, having no idea why I’m running, where I am, or where I’m going, but I just keep going. The clouds seem really dark, like it’s going to rain soon, and they seem to be chasing me. I run as hard as I can, and I trip on something and fall.

“NO!” your voice screams, and I scream, too. You rush to my side and pick me up.

You take off running, and I try to catch my breath, but it’s not coming. I see that we’re in a forest, but it’s so dark that the types of trees are around us. I shut my eyes tight and hope to wake up like usual, but when I open them again, we’re still running.

“What’s going on?” I yell, and your eyes are wide. I realize that there’s something behind us, and it’s gaining. It seems larger than the clouds, and clouds don’t have loud feet. You scream something, and I’m suddenly somewhere else. “NO!” I yell, and then hear your voice in my mind, saying ‘I’ll come for you when the time is right.’ I shut my eyes tight, but when I open them again, I’m still there. I walk around and find a cave, which I go inside of. I curl myself into a ball and fall asleep in it.

The End

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