Chapter Four

“What do you see?” you ask, giving me the binoculars as we sit together in a big tree on the same branch.

“I see a momma and poppa bird in their nest, chirping away at each other. It looks like they’re having a fight.”

“Oh, they’re not fighting,” you laugh, and sure enough, the two birds look like they’re smiling, and the two of them fly off of their branch and flit away together. You sigh.

“What?” I ask.

“I wish I could do that.”

“Do what?” I ask, curious.

“Just take my girl and fly away with her where no one can bother us.” You gaze at me longingly.


“Yes, you,” you laugh, taking my hand. “I wonder…” you say, gazing away longingly.

“Wonder what?” I ask, but I never get the answer, for this is when my alarm jars me awake, and you disappear once more.

The End

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