Chapter Two

“What a strange guy,” I thought to myself, turning on the lamp next to my bed and grabbing my sketchpad and a pencil from my bedside table. I flipped open the book to the nearest clean page and sketch out the mystery boy’s perfect face. Deep blue eyes, sandy brown hair, spray of freckles across his nose, gorgeous smile, sweet words, calm tone, it was just so…frustrating. I shaded in is hair to make it match, and got started on his clothes. He was always wearing something different. I guessed it made sense. Last night, he was wearing dark blue jeans and a khaki green t-shirt. I grabbed my pencil case from my table and tried to find the perfect colours and shade in his outfit. There. Looked just like him. But my mind still racked with the question, “Who is ‘Him’?” I put my pad and pencils back down and turned off the light to drift off into dreamy-land again.

The End

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