In the dinner queue

Walking past Mollys door I dared to look at the porters face as he continued to bang on it. Maybe she was asleep, maybe she wasn't hungry, maybe she just wanted to be left alone. The expression on his face however seemed to say something different.

In any case I shuffled past and found myself in the dining room with no idea of what to do next. It might not sound difficult but when you're somewhere new surrounded by crazy people then everything you think you know just goes flying out of the window.

Someone passed me a sheet of paper with a list of meals on it. I guessed we were supposed to make out choices from this. And what a choice it was. Vegetable curry, fishsticks (isn't that just a fancy name for fishfingers) or steak and kidney pie. Before I could make my mind up I heard a whipser behind me.

"Make sure you get a juice, some fruit and a dessert". I had to look twice to make sure the voice was talking to me; apparently it was. The voice belonged to a blonde woman seemingly in her mid thirties dressed in jeans with a pink dressing gown on top.

"I don't want a dessert" I whispered back

"Just take one, I'll explain later".

Further conversation was made impossible though as a body shaking alarm started wailing.....

The End

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