Only A Month Left

following the story of a young girl who has cancer and every chapter is in a different perspective.

Dad ....Week 1

She looks beautiful.

Always has, always will. But she doesn't think the same way.

Not since she got the news. The news that broke all of our hearts and especially her mother's.

I refuse to break down. We all need to be strong for her so she can be strong for herself. But the fact that I might lose my one and only little girl that I treasure more than my own life hurts more than anything.

We got the news two days ago. Jane wasn't feeling well. She kept saying she was dizzy all the time. So we did what any parents would do and took her to the doctor. After we were waiting over two hours in the waiting room for test results, the doctor came in and told us the news.

Stage four brain cancer. I never thought I'd ever hear those words directed at anyone in my family. The doctor pulled my wife and I aside. She basically told us that the cancer was growing way to fast and there was no hope for her to live to her sixteenth birthday. Which was in exactly a month.

We haven't told her this yet, but only because she doesnt need to know. I want her to fight this with all she has before we give up that easily.

The End

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