The first dayMature

He was the only constant in her life, it seemed.

The first time she opens her eyes, she's surrounded by several people, though the faces are blurred with the bleary haze of sleep in her vision. There's a hand near her own, and she instinctively pulls away from the closeness. Suddenly...there are voices, so many voices, so loud, she can't think...

"Oh, you're awake!"

"We've been so worried!"

"How are you feeling?"

"I missed you!"

"The doctors said they'd--"

She covers her ears, despite the pain in her left arm. A small whimper spills from her mouth.


"Don't crowd around her." A low, dark voice calls. "Give her some space. She just woke up after a coma. Back up, would you?"

He comes into her view, a midnight haired, pale skinned boy wearing a dark grey sweater over a light colored shirt and boot cut pants. His arms are crossed. He glares at the crowd, and they slowly edge away from the hospital bed. But he stays where he is, near the window.

"Sorry..." A girl close by the bed bites her lower lip. "We were just so relieved, Dinah. You hadn't woken up, and, well, now that you did...we're so glad!" She smiles, serenely, clasping her hands together. "Xavier's right though. We shouldn't have smothered you like that. How are you feeling?"

The girl looks around, bright green eyes flitting to each person, now that the alarm has her alert.


She swallows hard around the nervous lump in her throat. Mouth falling open slightly, she shakes her head, bewildered. The silence helps, but...what is she doing in a hospital? What's happened? Why does her left arm hurt?

"Are you alright?" The girl who'd spoken takes a step, reaching out carefully, though not touching her.

"Of course she's not alright!" Another girl snaps, clenching her fists by her side. "She was in a train accident, for crying out loud!"

"What? The doctor's said it was a car accident..." A male's voice cuts in.

"Car accident, train accident, whatever! She was by the rail road tracks."

She sucks in a breath, looking between the speakers as, again, everyone starts talking again, all at once.


The crisp, bark of anger cuts through the banter. She flinches, drawing into herself, holding her midriff. All she wants is to make sense of this...! But her mind is empty--there's nothing, not a name, a face, an event, a scent...

"Just, get out would all of you? This is no treatment for a patient." The boy grinds out, pointing towards the door on the far side of the room. His movement is graceful, she can't help but notice through the thrill of panic, like a waltz, or a swans comfortable stretch of wings.

"You're not even one of her friends, you have no say in this!" The male from before jabs at his direction, "You should get out of here!"

"I'm watching over her vitals." He meets the seething look calmly, with narrowed, sapphire eyes, "Now see yourselves out, before I get the security to do it for you."

"Geez, Xavier, you're so grumpy." The first girl mutters, but nonetheless ushers the group out of the room. "I'll be outside. Let me know how she is," She adds, closing the door behind her.

The boy, Xavier, stares at the door for a minute after they are gone, then turns back to the girl. They simply study each other, him, observing her disheveled, mussed brown hair, and wide, frightened eyes, her, taking in the steady gaze and the strength of his hands. Something changes in his stance, and he gives her a short, curt nod. "You seem alright. Completely."

He glides to her side, carefully, going down on one knee to encourage her to straighten out.

Drawn by the gentleness in his face, she does so.

"What happened to me?" She asks.

The End

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