The Beginning

Just a story:)

This morning the bed fells so soft and warm that it is a struggle getting out of it. I look at my alarm clock and I swing my feet off the side of the bed and jump off. My bare feet touch the frozen wood floor and I start to shiver. It is only October and already I am sick and tired of being cold!

I put on my robe and slippers and slowly make my way downstairs. My mother is busy in the kitchen making herself some tea. She gives me a toothy smile when I enter the room and I flash one back. Then I start making my  own breakfast, which is hot chocolate. toast and scrambled eggs. 

"I had the dream again last night." I say nonchalantly to mother.

She looks at me with concern on her face and pats my back "The one where you are falling?" 


"And then you are suddenly dangling on the back of a train and there is a man watching you from the top?" 

"Yes, and at the beginning  I am always eating a banana. It's weird."

"Well that does sound a bit odd. But it is just a dream so I don't think you have to worry too much about it." Mom takes her last sip of tea, then she sets it down next to the sink. "Sorry Annie, I have to leave for work now. Have a good day at school." She gives me a hug and waves goodbye to me. 

I lean against the sink listening to the clicking that moms shoes make as she walks across the floor. The heavy oak door opens and closes and I give a little sigh as I finish eating my scrambled eggs. 

At school I notice that everything feels very wrong. I feel like I am frowning at everyone, trying to figure out what that silly dream meant. I know that I should forget about the dream, that it is not real and therefore not very important. I don't know why I am making such a big deal about something so petty. 

The End

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