Corsets and Cowboy Boots

Tom rolled his eyes, counted to ten slowly, and muttered to himself, "This is getting a bit crowded. I think I need to send these critters back to their mother ship."

Abandoning his platform heels and his best Rocky Horror dance, he reapplied his lipstick and tightened his corset. He strode to Anne Frances, sending her to the Forbidden Planet, terrifying the horrified gnomes and paralyzing the floating horse. "To the slab with all of you!" he snapped testily, as he time-warped them toward eternity.

It wasn't long before Tom found himself back in his cowboy boots and ten gallon hat, facing an angry mariachi band with a stolen guitar.  The sheriff, unsympathetic, slapped Tom in cuffs. He sat in a cell, forlorn and pondering what they would be serving for lunch. He rather had his hands full at the moment, so he couldn't just roast wienies. Could he?? 

As he sat, he ________ and a large ___________ to him, with the _______________ he’d come across since that time he had to _________ cactus for a week just to survive. But that didn’t bear thinking about right now.

He ____________  for ___________, ______________ing to ___________ bear. The ____________ from such _______ nonsense.

Pirates _________ him in _______ but that wasn’t going to ______, now was it? He really needed to _______.


The End

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