Qs and Cues

The horse challenged "QUORUMS", played for a total of 50 points, and Tom knew his "QUETZAL" had the higher score here. But when the gnome quartet from the piano bar arrived, turning purple, his confidence began to waver.

With no way to escape their cacophony in the cavernous chamber, Tom quailed and pulled cotton balls from the pocket of his jeans, stuffing them in his ears quickly. Might as well join the chorus line and do some high kicks, since he needed the exercise after skipping his morning jog. But it was not to be. His short-lived performance was quashed by an insistent drumroll in the distance.

Tom rolled his eyes, counted to ten slowly, and muttered to himself, "This is getting a bit crowded. I think I need to send these critters back to their mother ship."

Abandoning his _______ dance, he _______ the _______ gnomes and _______ the floating horse. "_______ with all of you!" he snapped _______, as he _______ them toward _______.

It wasn't long before Tom found himself ________, facing ________  _______ and pondering what ________. He rather had his hands full at the moment, so he couldn't just _______. Could he??

The End

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