I'd like to buy a vowel.

Yeehaw! Long-gone Bridge was falling down.

     Scrabbling for a vowel, Tom felt himself whirling sightlessly through a vortex of fog and crumbling silent Es.  As he fell - narrowly missing bridging words and four point letters, he couldn't help but wonder, What the "F" is going to hit that triple word score next?

     His awkward (12 points) question was soon answered, as a giant floating horse bearing the perfect board slid to a stop suddenly and like magic, a solution appeared before him. Well, this was new. Tom dusted off his card table and dictionary, preparing for the WORD WAR I. He had two choices: find a 7-letter word beginning with Q or RUN!!!!!

    The horse challenged "QUORUMS," played for a total of 50 points, and Tom knew _________ had the ________ here. But when _________  __________d turning purple, his confidence began to waver.

    With no way to ______ the cavernous ________, Tom __________ and _________ cotton balls ________ _________. Might as well ______ _______ since he _______ _____. But it was not to be. His short-lived ____________ was _____ by an ___________ in the distance.

   Tom rolled his eyes, counted to ten slowly and muttered to himself, "This is getting __________. I think I need ___________ mother _______."

The End

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