Long-gone Bridges

     Checking out, or maybe just wandering in delirium around, the aquifer, the parched prospector brought his gaze to bear on the swaying bridge, or at least what was left of it. Figures, Tom told himself with a shake of his head, but he could find a way if Einstein had. At this point, we have to accept the theory of relativity or the apple will surely fall on our heads. Tom exerted  himself, and the structure moved beneath his booted feet as he walked, so gently, then began to break violently apart. Yeehaw! Long-gone Bridge was falling down.

     Scrabbling for a _______, Tom felt himself _______ through a ________.  As he ________, he couldn't help but wonder, What the ________ is going to ________ next?

     His ________ question was ________ answered, as __________ly   __________ appeared before him. Well, this was new. Tom dusted off his _______ and _________, preparing for the _______. He had two choices:____________ or _________.






The End

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