you can't eat dollars...

Searching for a watering hole, Tom came across a blue-tinged aquifer. His first thought on seeing it was "How do I compare hydration to beer??"

The mountains and horses teared up, Tom noticed, and they seemed to grimace bitterly.

His last canteen had finally gone dry. Now he wondered if the travel agent would finally see him at his appointment.

Checking out, or maybe just ____________ the _______ brought _____, or at least ______.  Figures. ______ but ______ if ______, Einstein had.  At this point, we have to _______ or the ______ will _______.  Tom exerted himself, and the structure moved. ________ so gently, then _______.  Yeehaw!  ____________ ___ ______ ____ down.

The End

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