A Bit of Surreality

 But onward. There was still the ominous to find.

In the back of his hidden pick-up truck, Tom knew Dali's clock was melting, so he subtly increased his speed.

He was no Jason Priestley, but still. Hoping for the best, he flashed his baby blues and the mountains froze in awe. A giggle from the Valley Girl had the hills nearby alerted by morning, but they were too busy growing fiddleheads for a monastery's breakfast to notice Tom.

The cave was not spelunkable, not even for him. Oh, for Pete's sake. If the floating horse came back carrying a sword, a pack of gum or a donut, he was out of here, candy mountain be damned! Perhaps he was just dehydrated.

Searching for a _______, Tom came across a blue-tinged _________r. His first thought on seeing it was "How do I ________ _______ to ______ beer??"

The mountains and horses _________ up, Tom noticed, and they seemed to ________ bitterly.

His __________ canteen had finally _______ ______. Now he wondered if the ________ would finally see him at his ________.


The End

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