I never donate donuts

 He rolled his movie-star eyes and said to the owl, "Begone, quickly , you scurvy wolf-crier."

     As he hiked, the mountains blinked, and he began to feel a bit paranoid. He'd never before noticed, but they were definitely blinking.

     A floating horse went quickly past, and once more, Tom looked to the cavernous sky. How had this day gone so Salvador-Dali?

     But onward. There was still the ominous to find.


In the back of his ______, Tom knew _________ was ________, so he subtly _____.

He was no Jason _______, but still.  Hoping for the best, he ________________ and ____________.  A giggle from the _________ nearby alerted _____, but ______ heads for a __________. 

The cave was not ___________, even for him.  Oh, _____.  If the floating _____ came back, _______________.  Perhaps he was dehydrated.

The End

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