To the Candy Mountains

      Pushing through the swinging saloon doors, sword at his hip, guitar in hand, Tom reticently eyed the mountains arrayed above him. Tumbleweed cavorted madly all around.

     He hummed a bawdy tune, remembered vividly from a pirate movie.

     He felt the hair prickle on the back of his neck as dead ahead the pygmy-owl broke away and shouted loudly, "Avast ye, Tom!!"

     Tom shuddered, his Big Red gum cracking, and he turned toward the mountain trail.

     He rolled his _______ eyes and said to the owl, "_______  _______ , you scurvy _______."

     As he hiked, the mountains blinked, and he began to feel a bit _______. He'd never before _______, but _______.

     A _______ horse went _______ past, and once more, Tom looked to the _______ sky. How had this day gone so _______-_______?

     But onward. There was still the _______ to find.

The End

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