I didn't gnome my ohnn strings...

His eyes wandered from left to right, as boisterous miners told fanciful stories of lost loves and desert slumber parties at a corner table. He found his gaze returning to the candy mountains outside the window, which were blinking.

There was a major legend associated with those mountains, Tom remembered faintly.  And then.....something twisted happened.

_____, a huge ____-_____ of spicy meat_____ slid _____________ _____, and everyone but Tom ________!  He did not know why he was so composed, but this was _____ time for a good __________.

"Although a little ______ couldn't hurt," he heard ____ of the piano _______ say jovially.  "Take 'em away, boys!"

Tom had felt deja vu before, _____ this, this h________ of ______ and grilled _______ was too ________.  With a last look at the _______ musicians, Tom __________ ______.  :)

The End

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