Ghost Town

Within the garishly repainted buildings of a dusty ghost town, Tom had completely abandoned his pursuit of treasure, and was lost, aimlessly wandering. However, his landlubber predisposition allowed him imaginative privileges, so he invoked them, muttering under his breath. "Dastardly bastids, horse thieves. I'll catch them!"

After a second thought, Tom decided he wouldn't make a very good sheriff, and pushed his way into a saloon, thinking about ghosts and beer. That's true right?

His eyes wandered from _______ to _______, as boisterous _______told _______stories of lost _______ and desert _______ at a corner table. He found his gaze returning to the _______mountains outside the window, which were _______.

There was a ________ legend associated with those mountains, Tom remembered _______.  And then.....something _______ happened.

The End

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