Snowed. In. Again.

So, that first incedent of terror is over. Hey, but guess what? It's one year later and I'm snowed in. Yet again.

So, one year later. Some things have changed. We're more mature. That means no more text language. At all. We both text and MSN using grammar. Sounds silly, but at least we can understand what we're typing now. And no more x's at the end of our names. I'm Abbie and she's Grace. Sooo, that's change number one.
Change number two, we've both had a haircut. Grace doesn't know thatI have 'cause she's at school. Well, at least I think she is. She isn't answering my messages on the ancient version of MSN I'm currently using. (My laptop crashed, broke, and died. I can't get a new one til Christmas.) My hair is now shoulder length and looks a bit Dora-the-Explorer-ish 'cause I brushed it when it was dry and it poofed out. It looks like an explosion in a mattress factory. I seriously need some hair mousse.

Umm, there are probably more changes I haven't noticed. I'm sure Grace'll tell you.

Um, yeeeeah. Last year we over-reacted. Nobody had disappeared. We said 'view on classroom' and 'view on theatre'. So, it showed us the classroom and the theatre. Not the people in there.
Oh yeah, my front door was already broken. Dunno how, it just was. My mum had glued it back onto the hinges, and the force of me ripping it from the ice sticking it to the door frame broke it again. Yes, I did get in trouble for breaking the door. Lots and lots of deep, deep trouble. It wouldn't have been so bad, except that we couldn't fix it again. I had my laptop confiscated for a month. Two months, actually, when my mum found out how much a new door would cost.



Grace says: Sheesh, calm down, Abbie. Where were you?

Abbie says: Snowed in

Grace says: Oh dear. Let's hope we don't have a repeat of last year

Abbie says: That's what i was just thinking. Looks like it might be though

Grace says: How come?

Abbie says: Snow, ice, and look - copy and pasted from my MSN: Online Contacts: 1/50

The End

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