"Abbie, our class is gone" says Grace. I must admit, even after everything that's happened, I don't beleive her.

"Don't be silly Grace. Remember: we were meant to be going on a school trip to see Skellig on stage." But I have to check anyway. I follow Grace's example. "Screen, view on my class." I say to my laptop.There's just a blank picture. I try again "Screen, view on theatre" amazingly, the theatre I'm on about comes onto the screen. It's empty. I tell the screen to view on Monkey Buisness (a play area where my family are now). Also empty. I view on my car. Empty, in the middle of nowhere. "Grace, so are our families" I dont need to check to know that her's is too. I go and check my online contacts. Guess what? Online Contacts: 1/50. Me and Grace. Alone.

The End

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