"I thought you were frozen in?" I accuse Grace. She just stands there, shocked. I wave my hand in front of her face "Hey, snap out of it" I say. And guess what? She does.

"Come on, what are you looking at?" she says "Let's go". My only reaction to that is '???' No actual questions, just the question marks. Come on. Lets go." Grace says, grabbing my arm and pulling me along. Once we get outside, I notice that my back is colder than the rest of my body. I pull my hair round, its soaked! Damn snow I think. As we walk I try to get my hair to dry. But of coarse, its not gonna work while its still snowing is it? Eventually I get too annoyed.

"Just dry will you!?!?" I say, and only realise after that I'm saying it out loud. But you'll never guess. It did dry. ???. We get to my house.

"Oh, I see" Grace says as she spots the door. I immediately go to my laptop. Grace gets out her palmtop out. We log on.

"Online Contacts: One out of fifty" we say together.

The End

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