Get me out of here then


Abbs...xX: haha lol

Grace xxx: WILL U STOP LAFFIN?!?!?!

Abbs...xX: but ur funny

Grace xxx: wateva get ova here now and get me outa here

Abbs...xX: sure get a coat and put cans and tins in a bag we'll need the food

Grace xxx: kk

Still Online Contacts- 1/50.

I grab my shoulder bag and stuff my palmtop in it, then fill it up with the remaining long lasting food out the cupboards. I then get my jacket and coat and wait. Sitting on the arm of the sofa, I wonder if I have powers. I decide to test it out. Putting my palm against then door, I think Unfreeze! very clearly. There is an odd cracking sound, but nothing else. I give up and tug on the door, which promptly opens. I just stand there dumbfounded til Abbie comes and we leave.

The End

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