This is Stupid, But At Least It's Not Boring

I ring Grace. She answers.

"Hi. Grace" I say "Get on msn now" I hang up. I go back upstairs.

bzzzzzzzzzzz bzzz bzzz. No, not another text from Sara I moan to myself. I pick up the phone. New message, view, Grace: 'Help! My mum just sent me this.'  Attachment, view. There was a message about how her mum wouldn't be able to get home for a week. Damn. That's it. I throw on my coat and go to the door. I wrench it open. I walk through before realizing that it had been frozen shut. I look back to see that the edge of the door, where it attaches to the frame, is still attached to the frame. The rest of the door swings dangerously to one side before it falls off completely. I stare in shock as the jagged edge pierces the ice and the door comes to a standstill, standing up horizontally. I dash back inside and type frantically to Grace about it.

Grace xxx: OMG!!! how do u think it happened? do u think u hav powers?

Abbs...xX: No, grace, thats stupid

Grace xxx: I no! At least it's not borin tho. n besides, how els do u fink it wud hav happened?

Abbs...xX: dunno, maybe your right

Grace xxx: right. i am coming 2 urs right NOW!

Abbs...xX: hehe grace, u cant, ur loked in rememba??


Abbs...xX: haha lol

i check my contacts again. Online Contacts: 1/50



The End

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