No water means no hot drink


After texting Abbie I decide to go and make some hot chocolate. I open the cupboard and get the jar out, only to find that we have run out. I tuck my almost back length blonde hair behind my ears and check the tea jar. We have teabags. Tea will do. I grab the kettle and take it over to the sink. I turn the cold tap. Nothing. I try the hot tap. Still nothing.

Oh great, now the water pipes are frozen up, how convenient, I think. I'm sure I could melt some ice, but surprise surprise I'd have to open a window or door to get some.

The phone rings and I drop the kettle on my foot. Hopping, I put it back on the stand and answer the phone.


"Grace? Hi! It's Abbie, get on msn!"

She hangs up.

Online Contacts- 1/50, still.

My phone buzzes. It's a text from my mum, over-reacting as usual.

From: Mum

Honey, are you all right? We're stuck because of the ice, where are you? Me, your dad and Michael are at your Aunt's, but we're frozen in. We won't be able to get back for at least a week. 

I text back confirming that I'm fine, then start a new message to Abbie.

To: Abbs

Abbie, help.

Attachment: Message- My mum just sent this.

I press Send, and wait.

The End

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