Grace is frozen in. I'm frozen in. We may as well be frozen in time for all I care. I try my window. Guess what? Frozen shut. I'm about to point this out for the 100th time to Grace when my phone vibrates.

bzzzzzzzzzzzzz bzzz bzzz. I pick up the phone. Sara has texted me.

Hi, where r u??

Hi  i text back plz go on msn, so bored


y not??

at skwl damn. she's at school. damn, damn, damn. I tell Grace

Grace xxx: Sara?

Abbs...xX: Oh, I forgot, you dont know her

Grace xxx: not surprized, u hav so meny frendz

I sigh. Grace thinks I have more friends than her because she doesn't know half of mine. I don't know half of hers either.

Abbs...xX: grace. i do not hav more frends than u. u no that. iv told u before.

Grace xxx: Yes u do

Abbs...xX: shut up grace. ;) i put the winky thing there to show her i'm messing.

bzzzzzzzzzzzzz bzzz bzzz. Sara again. Asking me whether i'm going at school. She's not in my form but surely she would know.

what do u fink??

no. haha

I sigh. I check my contacts. Online Contacts: 1/50.

The End

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