My cat got on the keyboard


Abbs...xX: so bothered bored. U?

Gracie xxx: mo-ijngdihybfauhshcse

Abbs...xX: wtf?

Gracie xxx: jfyhreuirjeowsuhi

Abbs...xX: grace, cum on

Grace xxx: soz, my cat got on the keyboard

Abbs...xX: lol

I try the window again. It's still frozen up. I go downstairs and try the door. That's frozen shut too.

Gracie xxx: abbs help

Abbs...xX: wat is it?

Gracie xxx: my mums not in the house

Abbs...xX: houses hav doors, rememba?

Gracie xxx: the doors frozn shut all windows 2 im stuk

Abbs...xX: im frozn in alone 2

Gracie xxx: o gr8

So we're both stuck indoors, alone. At least Abbie's able to talk to other people, she has way more friends than me, she must have way more contacts.

But me... Online Contacts- 1/50 

Only one person to talk to.


The End

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