Bored... So Bored


OK. One question. What is the point of snow when you cant even play in it? No, really, what is the point? I sigh. I will never know. I watch the snow land on the already incredibly dangerous and so very, very annoying ice.

Ding ding ding. The msn 'someone has sent you a message' sound tells me that Grace has finished her lunch.

Grace xxx: bk

Abbs...xX: oh, hi

Grace xxx: hi, wuu2 now?

Abbs...xX: still protag, still msn, still utube. still ****- scuse my french- very annoyed at snow. u??

Grace xxx: same, minus utube.

Abbs...xX: *sigh*

Grace xxx: *sigh*

I really do sigh. It is so boring. I had gone to school today, only to find that my sisters's schools are closed. At the time I'd thought: Not fair! Why do Ruth and Jaymie get the day off? But now I'd give anything to be at school. I check my msn contacts page. 

Online contacts: 1/50. Sigh

The End

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