Online Contacts- 1/50

Two girls trapped inside their houses, unable to contact anyone but each other. Please do NOT write in this it's for me and my friend, Em.xX, to write in, we can't get out because of the ice, it's frustrating being stuck inside all day.


I look out of the window at the light dusting of snow covering the treacherous ice outside. I try yet again to open the window, but it's still frozen shut. I sigh, and go back to my computer. It finishes loading and I open MSN Messenger. 

Online Contacts- 1/50

Abbs...xX - Online

I don't read more. I click Send an instant message, and the chat window appears.

Gracie xxx: Hi

Abbs...xX: Hi wuu2?

Gracie xxx: Nm, protag, msn, u?

Abbs...xX: Protag, msn, utube, getting f****** annoyed cuz i cant get out the house

Gracie xxx: Cant get out the house either.  Brb g2g hav lunch cya

Abbs...xX: Kk b quik ill die of boredom

Gracie xxx: Kk will be

I change my status to 'Busy', and go and get a piece of buttered toast.

"Mum, do you want any lunch?" I shout up the stairs. No answer. 

I go upstairs to mums bedroom, and there's no one there. My dad and brother are out, but my mum was asleep!

Ok, now I'm worried.

The End

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