what will happen next

She opened the first e-mail.  Well, she could have guessed from the subject line:  ''lubriciously preclude'',  that it was going to be going to be another addition to that neverending stream of irritating blue pill spammy things, and she wasn't disappointed, or rather, she was. 

''Enough of the blue pills, already!''  she shouted at the screen, not for the first, or even the twentieth time.  ''Leave me alone.''

She got so many of them, daily, that she was considering changing her ISP to one whose email program had a stronger spam filter.  But no, it was such a pain to let everyone know you had a new e-mail address.  There are always people who either don't get the notification or ignore it, or just plain forget, and carry on using the old one, and then get narky because they think their mails are being ignored.  Darn those spammers - see how much trouble you cause?

She pressed ''Delete'' and the second message appeared. 

Wow!  The last person she expected to hear from.  How long was it since she'd seen that email address in the ''from'' window?

She scrolled down to the message body and started to read

The End

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