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The Sweet Escape

Sweet escape, sweet escape. I didn't really understand that song the first time I heard it. What is the sweet escape? I would wonder to myself while absentmindedly humming the newest Gwen Stefani song. But I didn't care what it meant, as long as it was a catchy, upbeat tune. When the artist died three days after the song was released, I realised what she meant. But I was still confused. Was her life really so empty that death was the only sweet escape? Did she really have nothing left to live for, and was convinced there was only one answer? She had everything, and she just gave it all up? Or so I thought. Now, I think, I am wise enough to take a step in Miss Stefani's expensive shoes. I realize that until you've been hurt, you're not really living. You don't know what it's like to experience such a piercing pain, and once you do, you'll be begging for that one simple answer. When you've gone through what I have, there's only one sweet escape. I took a deep breath, knowing it would be my last.

The End

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